St Mary Harefield, Part I

Adult, child and dog water fountain, the Green Park, July 2017.

Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park are crammed with dogs. Why are there no dogs in the Green Park, that has a dog fountain, or St James’s Park? This is one of life’s unsolved mysteries. Another is why a gem like St Mary, Harefield is “undiscovered”. Continue reading St Mary Harefield, Part I

West Horsley Revisited

Wasfi at West Horsley, October 2016.

One Sunday in October last year I went to look around the house and grounds at West Horsley (So you want to put on an Opera?). It is a Tudor house that the Gascoignes inherited and where Wasfi Kani OBE, of Grange Park Opera, was building an opera house. I went back on Saturday afternoon for Die Walküre. Continue reading West Horsley Revisited