Yellow Menace


Two holders of the Victoria Cross are buried in Margravine Cemetery, see Local Hero and Another Local Hero. There are other war memorials including a column for staff at J Lyons killed in The Great War and a curved wall naming those those killed on the Home Front in WW II. The Lyons memorial was moved here in 2002 when the Lyons building in Greenford was pulled down.

The Friends of Margravine Cemetery take pride in these memorials and also the flora and fauna that flourish here. There is a monthly bird count, new trees are planted and mowing optimised to encourage  wildlife. Continue reading Yellow Menace

Water Music

Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. They usually get a better House.

I heard the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra play at a classical music festival in Dorset quite a few years ago. The setting was spectacular looking down to Studland Bay and a group of us camped. The whole thing was made even more enjoyable because very few people turned up – only about 800 the night we were there. Continue reading Water Music

Key of the Door


It’s not a very clear picture because of Getty Images wanting to establish their ownership. Here is a better one taken of the same person in the same place as a grown-up: so grown-up that he is Prime Minister.

Harold Wilson Prime Minister of Britain leaving No. 10 Downing Street 1974
Harold Wilson Prime Minister of Britain leaving No. 10 Downing Street 1974

If you have politically prococious offspring and want a photo like the top one there are two problems standing in your way. Continue reading Key of the Door

Unpaid Workers


Politicians try to endear themselves to the electorate, in a democracy, by promising to crack-down on something that they think will please voters. Theresa May is no exception. She opened the batting with a call for workers to be represented in the boardroom and for curbs on directors’ pay. Admirable sentiments that remind me of David Cameron a decade ago hugging huskies; the dogs in the Arctic Circle not the quilted coats in Cirencester. Continue reading Unpaid Workers

Tommy Jameson

In a recent post, On Appro, I referred to my grandmother’s brother, Tommy Jameson. My Bellew grandfather was listed in The Field magazine among the best 150 shots in an article celebrating 150 years of that magazine’s publication. He represented both England and Ireland shooting clay pigeons and was a fine sporting shot. However, his brother-in-law was a greater sportsman as his obituary in Wisden in 1965 shows. Continue reading Tommy Jameson