Bath Abbey

Dunleer Parish Church, built c 1830

Most of my Christmas Day Services have been at the C of I church in Dunleer. It was Low Church, austere architecturally and with the old, simple liturgy. Even the plate was a wooden platter, the sort of thing  from which Oliver Twist might have had an exiguous helping of gruel. It was presented by my brother-in-law to mark the Christening of his eldest in the church. Continue reading Bath Abbey

Suez and Brexit; Keep the Aspidistra Flying

As the Suez Crisis unfolded, as with the war we waged in Iraq, it became clear that there had been a pretty big bish. International opinion consigned Britain and France to the dog house; petrol was rationed; the Prime Minister went to recuperate at Goldeneye (Ian Fleming’s house in Jamaica). George Lyttleton expressed his feelings in a letter to Rupert Hart-Davis dated 5th December 1956. Continue reading Suez and Brexit; Keep the Aspidistra Flying