Playing My Song

Jason Butler in FT Money last Saturday is playing my song. His article concludes:

Market signs are telling UK investors that opportunity remains for diversification into the growing world beyond the borders.

I am trying to position myself for a downward correction in equities. Safety plays are bonds, gold and emerging markets. If, like me, you are baffled by bonds you can buy £50,000 of Premium Bonds. In the same FT Money Paul Lewis (he fronts Money Box on Radio 4) helpfully explains that although the interest rate on Premium Bonds has been reduced from 1.25% to 1.15% there is now a better chance of winning if you are fully invested. Most “prizes” are £25 and now there will be an extra 55,124 of them every month, 2,172,42 in all; a nice little earner, tax free.

Meanwhile on Broadway there was a musical … I loved it but am disconcerted that, it’s ludicrous, it can’t be true, Robert Klein’s moves remind people of me. OK, well I was once told by a partner that dancing with me was like dancing with a playful baby octopus and my goddaughter did give me that seduction kit. Watch this and marvel at Robert Klein’s style and sophistication.