The Earl of Ickenham believed in pouncing. Let him explain the Ickenham System in his own words.

I call it that. Just giving you the bare outlines, you stride up to the subject, grab her by the wrist, clasp her to your bosom and shower burning kisses on her upturned face. You don’t have to say much – just “My mate!” or something of that sort, and, of course, in grabbing by the wrist, don’t behave as if you were handling a delicate piece of china. Grip firmly and waggle her about a bit. It seldom fails …

(Cocktail Time, PG Wodehouse, 1958.)
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Cyril Nicholas Henty-Dodd

Simon Dee

My uncle, christened Henry, was always called Henty; my friends are the Dodds. How did they become intertwined? Well, we must look back to the 1960s when I had crushes on Illya Kuryakin (Man From U.N.C.L.E.) and Simon Dee. I gave the latter top billing a while back in a post about The Italian Job, in which he had a cameo role as a shirt maker but his real name is Cyril Nicholas Henty-Dodd. Continue reading Cyril Nicholas Henty-Dodd