The Mall, March 2017.

Like Sherlock Holmes I am often consulted. These consultations take many forms.

The most recent was about the 20 mph speed limit in the borough. Others have been about residents parking rules, a tram line on the Uxbridge Road, planning and more than once a new runway at Heathrow. There are now eleven consultations open in the borough. Click here to see what they are.

I must say that being consulted by the council fills me with self-importance. It is most pleasing that my sensible opinions are valued to guide the council. However, I have noticed that they seldom follow my advice.

Last June I was consulted about whether the UK should leave the EU, only it was called a referendum. Pity it wasn’t a consultation the outcome of which could have been ignored. I find it hard to believe that if I make a sensible comment about a local bus route my opinion is ignored but that if I want to leave the EU I can throw the United Kingdom into chaos for a generation.

Well I must cheer up. This has been a Goldilocks week for walking in London – not too hot, not too cold. One morning I walked to the City for lunch. A red helicopter took off from Kensington Palace and headed east towards Norfolk; a detachment of the Household Cavalry was training for ceremonial duties in Hyde Park, leaves are starting to appear on the trees, the beds in St James’s Park are a riot of colour; another detachment of mounted troops was on the Mall; ladies offered flowers to passers by on Hungerford Bridge; buskers were performing on the South Bank. In two years the flower ladies may be back home somewhere in Eastern Europe but I don’t suppose much else will have changed.

St James’s Park, March 2017.