Razzle Dazzle

It’s about two years since I was made redundant and, you’ll be pleased to know, that there’s not much to reflect on. Oh yes there is, just one thing.

When I worked it irritated me when my brother and, to only a slightly lesser extent my sister, rang me at my office and started chatting as if I, like them, had all the time in the world. I jolly well didn’t. I wasn’t the only victim but I was a beneficiary. My sister called a friend for investment advice. He was terse. He was chairing a board meeting. He said ” every girl needs a bit of sparkle, buy RTZ”.

She was disappointed not to have a proper chat but made do with calling me. I took her friend’s advice and bought Rio Tinto in 1998 at £7.29. After that the price, like a rising teal, soared to £70 when, I was told subsequently, all the smart money sold. Mr Silly here held on and in 2009 bought more for £14 in a Rights Issue. This week I dumped the lot for about £34. They pay a good dividend but it has been a volatile investment. I got out because I have a Capital Gain in excess of my annual allowance (£11,500?) and I want to crystallise it at the current 20% tax rate. I don’t think we will see CGT this low for much longer. Also I have one fewer share in an individual company – only seven left now and two of them are tiddlers.

My siblings were oblivious to my office life. Once, Angela asked me to meet her at Gatwick on a weekday. I explained that I would be working that Tuesday. “Oh I can come on Wednesday.” … “”you mean you work every day” said incredulously.

Now I simply cannot understand why my friends who are still working don’t have time to talk to me. They fit me in between “meetings” if I’m lucky.

Meanwhile, although I was in St James’s yesterday, I couldn’t go to the Mall to greet our royal guests from Spain. I did go on Tuesday to look at the flags.

The Mall, July 2017.

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  1. I always enjoy receiving texts, emails and calls from you, whether concurrently or consecutively in machine gun fashion. I prefer them when they convey invitations but all are welcome. Just don’t expect me to answer them instanta.

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