Carnival and Churches

Carnival float, Nadur, Gozo, February 2017.


A few tourists but mostly Maltese pour into Gozo for Carnival. The usual population is elderly but Carnival is for the young and thirsty. Robert and I must be the only people who didn’t have a drink – but we didn’t stay long. The parade hadn’t started which made it easy to take these pictures demonstrating America’s influence in this small corner of Europe. I mean there wasn’t anything about China, Russia or India. Continue reading Carnival and Churches

Building on Gozo

Ghasri, Gozo, February 2017.

The buildings on Gozo are mostly built in warm, honey-coloured limestone. They often have elaborately carved balconies, columns and pediments although many were only built in the 1980s and 90s. Perhaps this is because there are strict planning laws and to retain Gozo’s reputation as a heritage island? Where does this limestone come from? Continue reading Building on Gozo