What Brexit Means, Everything You Need to Know


The CEO of Rolls-Royce made a fleeting appearance here a few months ago and was dubbed a Super Good Egg. The news spread (not far) and I’ve heard his wife sometimes calls him an SGE. Well, I like to keep an eye on SGEs to make sure they are staying up to the mark. Continue reading What Brexit Means, Everything You Need to Know

St Patrick in Soho

Gin Lane by William Hogarth

In London in the 18th century there was a concerted effort by rich Catholics and the Catholic Church to alleviate the poverty and misery of their less fortunate countrymen. The Benevolent Society of St Patrick (1783) and the older Irish Charitable Society (1704) are manifestations of this, (There’s a Welcome on the Mat), another is St Patrick’s Church in Soho Square. Continue reading St Patrick in Soho