Toby on Tuesday

Toby Horton

Today’s post is written by Toby Horton. Toby was the UKIP candidate for Thirsk and Malton in the 2010 and 2015 General Elections and is currently Chairman of UKIP up there on the moors. He writes a weekly blog, Toby on Tuesday, that tries to make sense of the issues facing UKIP and the direction it should take. He writes a lot of sense and I’d like to share a recent article of his with you. Continue reading Toby on Tuesday

Great Stones, Part Three

Old Sarum

Yesterday we walked along the Avon to Old Sarum and then down into Salisbury. The villages are pretty – lots of thatched cottages and spruced up houses with Range Rovers in the drive. A reader in Beverly Hills sent me an extract from Pagan Britain by Ronald Hutton. (Yes, I expect you to be impressed that there is a reader for these esoteric offerings in LA.) Continue reading Great Stones, Part Three

How to be a Brit

George Mikes came to live in Britain from his native Hungary just before WW II. His book How to be a Brit is a minor classic but it was written about seventy-five years ago. His one-sentence chapter on Sex may or may not be accurate: Continental people have sex lives: the English have hot water bottles.

How does it work today – I mean, becoming a Brit? Guest blogger, Edward (Ned) York who has previously explained the likely outcome of the US Presidential election ( see Donald Trump Lives on a High Floor with a Low Ceiling) brings us up-to-date. Continue reading How to be a Brit