Piazza Unità d’Italia, Trieste

In 2008 I saw a double bill in Trieste but first a bit about the city. It has one of the finest squares in Europe, one side of which opens onto the Adriatic. The architecture reflects the history of the city as the main port for the Austro-Hungarian empire. In its heyday it was the fourth largest city in the empire after Vienna, Budapest and Prague. Continue reading Tahiti

Wonderful Wagner

Das Rheingold, Opera North

If you find Wagner so long-winded that you wriggle, fidget and long for a drink, I know the feeling. A friend has a special Wagner wrist-watch that discreetly lights up so she can check the time. Another friend told me that the thing is, Waggers takes his time, doesn’t rush things – tantric opera. The trouble is that when the really good bit arrives I’m often asleep. But this evening I am wide awake. Continue reading Wonderful Wagner