Big Bang et cetera

I had a shock on Friday morning. Walking past Knightsbridge barracks I noticed two white vans by the entrance. There were three uniformed soldiers on the pavement and after I had passed I thought of going back to make sure they had checked the vans. Maybe I was over-reacting so I did nothing. At the Hyde Park Hotel I passed a mounted detachment of the Household Cavalry returning to barracks from ceremonial duties, in time for lunch. Continue reading Big Bang et cetera

French Revolution

Liberty Leading the People, Delacroix, 1830.

If Marine Le Pen becomes the next French President and she implements her espoused policies, the effect on Europe will be as disasterous as the French Revolution. It seems an unlikely outcome but there have been a few of those recently. In 1792 our politicians were complacent and maybe we are all doing this in 2017.  Continue reading French Revolution