I Once Met Pius XII

Pope Pius XII writes one of his wartime Christmas radio messages.
(CNS photo/courtesy of Libreria Editrice Vaticana)

I enjoy the I Once Met column in The Oldie. If you are a fan Richard Ingrams edited two anthologies. James Lees-Milne’s diary entry for Tuesday 14th September 1948 qualifies for, although I don’t think has appeared in, I Once Met. He was on holiday in Rome and was granted an audience with the Pope (Pius XII) at Castel Gondolfo. Continue reading I Once Met Pius XII

Bath Abbey

Dunleer Parish Church, built c 1830

Most of my Christmas Day Services have been at the C of I church in Dunleer. It was Low Church, austere architecturally and with the old, simple liturgy. Even the plate was a wooden platter, the sort of thing  from which Oliver Twist might have had an exiguous helping of gruel. It was presented by my brother-in-law to mark the Christening of his eldest in the church. Continue reading Bath Abbey