A Fanfare for Europe

Margaret Thatcher, with William Whitelaw and Peter Kirk.

In January 1973 Denmark, Ireland and the UK joined the European Union, joining Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. The UK electorate were as divided then as they are now, although a largely north European trading bloc doesn’t seem too scary considering what it has now become. Continue reading A Fanfare for Europe

Every Object Tells a Story

Lavery, John; State Visit of Her Majesty, Queen Victoria to the Glasgow International Exhibition, 1888.

I have been to two artist’s studios this week. Sir John Lavery lived at 5 Cromwell Place from 1899 – 1940. To remind, he was born in Belfast and died in Co Kilkenny in 1941, aged eighty-four. In between he was painting in London. Continue reading Every Object Tells a Story