Fire and Fury

At the 2005 Trump wedding.

Michael Wolff’s revelations in Fire and Fury about the Trump administration allege, among much else, that Donald Trump and his inner circle did not expect to win the election. This is last year’s news.
It is such old hat that it appeared here in The Truth about Trump posted in July last year. Warning: this post may contain PGW.

One thought on “Fire and Fury”

  1. Interesting rumour (am just back from New York and the splendors of The Frick and of the ’21) I came across via a well connected source was that the orange haze of DT’s head was in part due to a chemical reaction—a reaction from experimental prostate medicine—and this signature shade (with its Ulster,Presbyterian and Dutch connections) has been kept on a bit like Monty’s beret . He’s seemingly bald of pate with tufts either grafted or salvaged. So I am assured…de oidas. What I have seen:people do stare at his latest images like Russians of old peering into the photos of the elderly Marshal Stalin and silently…speculating.

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