Fulham Reach

Fulham Reach, January 2018.

Fulham Reach is the fancy name for the new blocks of flats on the river downstream from the Riverside Studios. I admire their winter garden but notice these new developments only take a lot of trouble over their appearance until the last flat is sold.

Who do they think is going to buy them? Take a look at these pictures, sift the evidence and arrive at conclusions – I picked that one up from Lord Ickenham (Cocktail Time).

Kitchen, Fulham Reach, January 2018.

You observe two ovens, a microwave, a double sink and two decanters. Only one glass but it is in use and the clocks on the ovens read noon. Looks like neat whisky but it could be a pale Oloroso sherry. The other decanter may contain almost any clear alcohol. Perhaps they are targeting an accomplished cook? I don’t think so; the evidence points to a minimalist, single, heavy drinker. Now let’s move through to the lounge.

Lounge, Fulham Reach, January 2018.

Excessively tidy with too many ornaments and too few books and they are all about Art and Style. Again it points to single occupancy – I cannot imagine a couple agreeing to furnish a room in this way – by somebody with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

I didn’t have to pose as a buyer to get these pictures. They are on the hoardings around the latest block under construction. But, gosh, don’t they give an impression of the weird way in which the advertising department tries to attract aspirational buyers.

In the Depression everything was cheap but nobody had any money. Somehow my grandmother did; she must have been getting her Jameson’s dividends. She spent it buying antique furniture in the Cotswolds, some of which I inherited. That is the back story for my kitchen cupboard which I am showing you as a contrast to Fulham Reach. I’d show my lounge too, if I had one.

Margravine Gardens kitchen, January 2018.

Granted, all the books are about food and drink but there are plenty more shelves in the sitting room and upstairs for the rest. Again, all the CDs are opera or sacred music but there are other genres upstairs. Likewise quite a few decanters and jugs – the glasses are elsewhere. I suppose you are thinking that you like Fulham Reach better? Why?

One thought on “Fulham Reach”

  1. I confess to preferring the assorted jamboree of life’s clutter in the manner of Margravine Gardens to that of a Show House in Fulham. The clue is in the name ‘Show’, I doubt if anyone lives like this in the real world, or if they do they endure a most clinical existence. Now to the scene forensic: there are in fact 2 glasses (should have gone to specsavers Christopher) present on the tray which, by the appearance of the colour of the liquid appears to be a spirit, but the glasses are wine goblets. The larger decanter appears to contain a clear spirit as you correctly observed, but it is filled to the neck. A generous butler would ever only fill a spirit decanter half full- at best. Glass ‘B’ appears to have been largely consumed, but by resident or guest? The array of appliances are confusing, as few young professionals rarely cook and most would have to consult Delia as how to boil an egg- that would explain the necessity of the microwave, all those other ovens are merely objets d’art.

    The bookshelves do contain a broad artistic spectrum- from Michelangelo to klimt, however the trinkets were probably hastily purchased in Ikea. There are only 2 small photo frames, positioned on an inconspicuous bottom shelf. The whole thing is dwarfed my a monstrous television placed in a much too prominent position, so it can belch its vulgarity indiscriminately on occupants and guests.

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