Hogarth Memorial

The stock market has been more resilient than I expected. As a result my somewhat defensive stance is underperforming but I intend to stick to my guns, or rather remain in my bunker. I haven’t traded since July.

As I may have said before investing is for the most part dull. It usually takes years for a trade to be proven right or wrong. The tables at Bellamy’s are close together and I could not help overhearing a financial adviser sharing his wisdom with his client. “Cut your losses and run your profits.” I didn’t think you could get away with such trite advice these days. The client did not seem impressed.

I finally got to Hogarth’s tomb in Chiswick. It was restored in 2009.

Hogarth tomb, St Nicholas Chiswick, September 2017.

The epitaph engraved on it was composed by the actor, David Garrick.

Farewell great Painter of Mankind
Who reach’d the noblest point of Art
Whose pictur’d Morals charm the Mind
And through the Eye correct the Heart.
If Genius fire thee, Reader, stay,
If Nature touch thee, drop a Tear:
If neither move thee, turn away,
For Hogarth’s honour’d dust lies here.

A Rake’s Progress

The inscriptions on the graves are hard to decipher and I need to go back for a more detailed look. In fact I may go this afternoon because England have won the Test Match against the West Indies. Ian was supposed to be at Lord’s today and staying tonight but now will arrive earlier. I think he might like a walk along the river to look at the fine tombs and we might stay for Evensong during which John Rutter will be interviewed.