Follow the Money, Series 2.

A Scandi-noir TV series was recommended to me last week: Follow the Money. The second series has just finished so I am not an early adopter The forecast is for rain in London most of this week so, unseasonably, it may be an opportunity to get started on it.

The birds have returned to my feeders but I hope FtM will be more exciting viewing. The first series is set in the Danish renewable energy sector which may not be escapist TV if you live in Northern Ireland. Coincidentally an energy trader in Denmark, a client in the days I was working, is coming to dinner with me in London this week. I will ask him his opinion on the programme.

It does seem to me that TV is getting better and better. I have not watched The Crown but I did see the adaptation of Mike Bartlett’s play, King Charles III, for TV and jolly good it is. The sub-plot about Prince Harry stretched my credulity and it might have been better instead to have had a storyline about the Middleton parents. Silly me, Mike Bartlett is saving that for the sequel, King William V.

Terence Rattigan had to make changes to some of his plays to get a licence from the Lord Chamberlain. His satirical farce about a thinly-disguised Nazi government was banned in the 1930s. This censorship had been instituted in the 1730s by Walpole and continued until 1968.

I bought a TV licence last year as I use BBC iPlayer but was sceptical that others would follow suit. They soon will as it will be compulsory to register to watch iPlayer and the crafty BBC will be able to cross-reference this list with the licence holders.

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  1. I was not keen to watch the Crown – already know the story / no need to rehash the obvious etcetera etcetera …..however by the third episode I was completely hooked and it is a magnificent piece of television series especially the battles between Elizabeth and Margaret

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