Seduction by Numbers

Ruggero Raimondi in Don Giovanni directed by Joseph Losey, 1979

A favourite teenage goddaughter gave me an unusual but practical birthday present – a seduction kit, the three components of which are gratifyingly high end.

1. A bar of smelly soap; who wants to be pounced on by a whiffy seducer?

2. The seducers’ elixir guaranteed to result in swooning.

3. But if it doesn’t achieve results, resort to repeated doses of Sipsmith London Cup until the desired one succumbs.

Happy Easter.

3 thoughts on “Seduction by Numbers”

  1. You are fortunate in your choice of goddaughter. Greetings and buona pascha from Venice. The garrison crowded into St George’s this morning. Excellent music and prayers for Queen,Pope,patriarch of Venice,and Ecumenical Patriarch Barthomew…a rara avis in American Episcopal prayer…padre a former locum in Gran Canaria and a good egg. Ex St Edmunds and bound for Home Counties post St George’s Day.

    1. You are fortunate to be in Venice. If you go to San Michele pay your respects to my great-great grandmother, more in an old post, Stones of Venice (16th October 2015).

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