The Aetherius Temple

The Aetherius Temple, January 2017.

In January I mentioned the whirling dervishes of Colet House and promised news of another eccentric local attraction.

I drive down Kelvedon Road passing the Aetherius Temple on my way to Waitrose. Membership of this Fulham sect is for a free thinker untrammelled by shackles of logic and reason. I missed this talk that took place last November. A pity as it offers a fresh perspective and might have boosted my karma.


Without the help of advanced extraterrestrial beings, life as we know it would no longer exist on Earth. Time and again the Gods from space have defended us from hostile
alien beings, as well as reducing the effects of natural disasters and nuclear catastrophes.

Limited only by the negative karma of mankind, these great beings of wisdom and compassion do everything they possibly can to help us to evolve towards true lasting
spiritual enlightenment. Discover the truth about life beyond Earth in this Solar System, as well as intelligences from elsewhere in the galaxy who are now residing on
Earth in order to help our world as we enter a New Age.

The nitty-gritty of being an Aetherian is on Wiki.

In Aetherius Society teachings, various religious figures come from different planets, and throughout history Cosmic Masters such as Buddha, Jesus and Lao Tzu have come to Earth to teach mankind the right way of living. They are regarded by the society as Avatars.Krishna, for example, is from Saturn, which is the home of a “Cosmic Hierarchy” or “Interplanetary Council”, while Jesus and Buddha are from Venus. The society therefore claims that these religions sprang from the same source and their principles were identical.These beings are, however, spiritual beings on another dimension or plane, as the idea of corporeal intelligent life on the other planets was known to be unlikely in the 1950s. The society’s concept is that these beings exist on a ‘spiritual level’ by maintaining a ‘higher vibratory rate’ which can be lowered, and this explains the reported blinking in and out of UFOs.The society also refers to the vimanas found in Vedic and Hindu texts, and to the Star of Bethlehem, as UFOs and examples of peaceful aliens that have been visiting to teach humanity throughout our history.

I fear you will think that I’m mocking this benevolent cult founded in California in the 1950s by Shropshire lad, George King. There are, it must be said, tenets that I cannot accept but there are areas in which they are sound. For example there was a talk about pendulum dowsing last June.

Intuition is one of the most important innate abilities any of us can develop – and pendulum dowsing is a fun and easy-to-learn way to start. The goal of dowsing is to give
simple answers to straightforward questions, and the pendulum has been used in fields as diverse as nutrition, homeopathy, Bach flower remedies, psychic readings, locating missing objects and even agriculture.

During this interactive workshop, you will be introduced to the metaphysical theory which explains how dowsing works, and have the opportunity to try out and develop your new skills – using the pendulum designed by Dr. George King, a radionics expert and master of yoga.

My grandfather had a friend who was a dowser. When he lost the fore-end from his shotgun in a snipe bog his friend recovered it. His friend more often found sources of water for home and agricultural use. I hope they re-run the pendulum dowsing lecture.

January 2017.